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Born in Scotland in 1980, one of R.H. Hale’s earliest memories is of her mother’s shelves packed with Stephen King books, thus initiating her fascination with horror from a very young age. Despite being a scribbler of short stories since childhood, Hale initially earned a respectable BSc Hons from Surrey’s Kingston University before falling from grace to terrify innocents as an ghost tour guide in Edinburgh’s Old Town.


In 2014 Hale began work on her first novel in the Church Mouse saga - Book 1: Memoir of a vampire’s servant, which was independently published as an eBook in 2017, followed by a short print run. At the same time, Hale had also completed Book 2: The Change, published in 2019.


Along with other writing projects, Hale otherwise enjoys reading, photography, and eating possibly too much chocolate. She currently resides in East Lothian.

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